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[VIDEO] Fight for a Living Wage in NYC

A group of faith leaders from across New York City launch a campaign for a $20 minimum wage in New York City. Reported by Colleen McKown and Hermela Aregawi.     Advertisements

[VIDEO] Stair Masters

Sproule Love and his friend Tim Donahue run up stairs–for fun. They are two of the best stair racers in the country. Produced by Colleen McKown and Magdalene Castro.

[VIDEO] Nine Meals Away

For some Americans, society’s future is looking bleak! These groups of people are taking the phrase “be prepared” to the extreme. When society collapses, they say, they’ll be ready! Produced by Colleen McKown… Continue reading

[VIDEO] Medieval Fun

    Thousands of people turned out to celebrate the past at New York City’s annual Medieval Festival. Produced by Colleen McKown and Hermela Aregawi.

[VIDEO] Prepping for Disaster

With shows like Doomsday Preppers getting widespread attention, New York City’s preppers say they are simply gearing up for inevitable natural disasters and everyday emergencies. ┬áProduced by Colleen McKown and Kristen Reed.

[VIDEO] Faiths Engage in New York City

The “Debate in the Neighborhood” program trains high school students to debate on a variety of topics, including racial profiling and surveillance. The unique program trains Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian students in… Continue reading

[VIDEO] Turbans Do Not Equal Terrorism: Sikhs Promoting Awareness in a Post-9/11 America

Savraj Singh gives awareness presentations about Sikhism throughout New York and New Jersey to help combat the estimated 700 hate crimes that have been committed against Sikhs since 9/11. ┬áBecause of their turbans… Continue reading

[VIDEO] Staying in School

Six and a half years ago, when he retired from New Utrecht High School in Bensonhurst, Joseph Rizzi did not take a vacation. His drive to help students succeed was too strong. So… Continue reading