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[ARTICLE] Turbans Do Not Equal Terrorism: Sikhs Promoting Awareness in America

The trip had been magical in many ways.  Indu Singh, her husband, and her three children had been sightseeing in Rome, Venice and Florence on a winter vacation. They wandered around the ruins… Continue reading

[ARTICLE] Dr. Prabhjot Singh on Sikh Americans: Every moment you’re an ambassador

Dr. Prabhjot Singh, a Columbia University assistant professor of international and public affairs who is also a resident physician in East Harlem in New York, is a practicing Sikh. As part of his… Continue reading

[ARTICLE] Delays Hamper State’s Doctor Discipline Process

When Said Nedlouf’s wife, Mary, was terminally ill with metastatic breast cancer in late 2006, Nedlouf was willing to do anything to save her.  He found Dr. Jarir Nakouzi in Bridgeport, a homeopathic… Continue reading

[AUDIO] Hindus Celebrate Lord Ganesha

Color, music and dance filled the streets of Flushing in late September as Hindus gathered to celebrate the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi. The festival is dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu god… Continue reading

[AUDIO] Cricket Unites in Queens

On the international cricket stage, rivalries between national teams can be intense. The India-Pakistan rivalry is among the greatest in sports. Games between the two teams have incited riots, flag burning and fights… Continue reading

[ARTICLE] Sikh Awareness Initiatives in New York City

Amid a recent spate of hate crimes, Sikh organizations in New York City are seeking to raise consciousness about their religion by giving awareness presentations at schools, workplaces and community centers.  Sikhs are… Continue reading